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Camila Nunes, from Bahia, has a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the State University of Goiás, and is the director of the Lanterna Mágica International Animation Festival. He has worked in production since 2013. He did his first production direction, when he was still studying, and since then he has worked in the area mixing audiovisual productions of shorts, series and features, as well as film festivals. His last works were for Petrobrás Cultural; Multishow and Netflix.




Iuri Moreno is the owner of the Goiás production company Caolha Animation Studios, where he works as director, producer and screenwriter. Recently, Iuri was awarded the Grande Otelo trophy for his short film “A Menina Behind the Mirror” at the Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix 2023, and along with two other short films already produced by Caolha, “O Malabarista” and “Geração Alpha”, the director participated in more than 400 film festivals throughout Brazil and the world, such as the Havana Festival (Cuba), Chicago Children's (USA), Huelva Festival (Spain), Uppsala Short Film Festival (Sweden), Encounters Film Festival (England ), Durban International Film Festival (South Africa), Bogotá Festival (Colombia), FIC Valdivia (Chile) and others. Iuri is also one of the creators of “Lanterna Mágica – International Animation Festival” and was its director during its first 5 editions. Iuri is currently working on the development of his new short “Nuances of a suicide”, on the feature films he wrote “Malu Tatu” and “O mini mundo de Flora”, and is about to launch his first series, “Missão 347”, which will premiere on TV Brasil in the first half of 2024. Iuri has a degree in photography, a postgraduate degree in cinema and has taken several free courses that complement his training, such as those in executive production and scriptwriting offered by EICTV – Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, in Cuba.




Kalor, journalist and multidisciplinary artist, is the curator and creator of the Mostra Além-Mar de Animação Negra e Indígena, in addition to selecting curators for FINCAR, Mostra Absurda, Semana do Aidiovisual Negro, Mostra Africana do Animage and the Bahia International Animation Festival. Co-writer of the television series Bia Desenha (TV Cultura, TV Brasil, Canal Futura), currently writing and directing the series A Vida Secreta das Gambiarras, in the production phase. Educator in animation script training, she is also part of the CARNI collective of black and indigenous art and Nyama Black Animation on the African Continent and Diaspora. Manages Casa de DonArlinda @acasadedonarlinda in her city, Camaragibe - PE.



Che Marcheti is a filmmaker, Story Artist and digital nomad born in São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, a design school, where he studied graphic design, focusing on publishing and books. Che worked as a Story Artist and animator, participating in the making of several films. In 2017 he launched the first Brazilian animation art book, “Trajetória”, launched at the Annecy Festival (2018), Animafest Zagreb (2018) and Anima Mundi Festival (2017). Pressure, her first short film, won the Best Art award at the Carambola de Mulheres+ festival and was shown at international and national festivals.



Eduardo Padrão was born in Recife and has been working in the market for over 20 years as an art director, motion designer and animator. He has already signed on to direct two short films, "Barbas de Molho" and "Aventuras de Tita". Today he is coordinator and animation director of the children's musical series MUNDO BITA and the series IMAGINE-SE.



Fernando Miller has been a traditional 2D animator for over 20 years. He has worked with some of the main animation studios in Rio and the country (Campo 4, Toscographics, Marão Filmes, 44 Toons, Split, Oca, O2, Coala Filmes, among others), doing advertising work, short and feature films, both as an animator and as an animation director, screenwriter, story boarder and character designer. He is also the author of two short films: Calango Lengo - Morte e Vida Sem ver Água (2008) and Furico & Fiofó (2010). In 2019 he was honored with a special session of his work at the Anima Mundi Festival.



Guto Bicalho is Director and Head of Story. His films "Fuga Animada" (2013) and "Sangro" (2018) won awards at the Gramado festivals, Chicago International Film Festival, Anima Mundi, Brasília Festival and many others. Her first feature film "Sonho de Clarice" is scheduled for release in 2024. He worked as a Supervisor and Storyboard Artist for several series and feature films including channels such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon and Gloob. He was president of ABCA (2019-2020), member of the Brazilian Cinema Academy and professor at the International Cinema Academy. Guto currently teaches at Story Curso, an independent film and storyboard school founded by him (@storycurso).




Isabela Veiga has a degree in audiovisual from UnB, a postgraduate degree in cinema and audiovisual from UEG and a master's degree in Art and Visual Culture from UFG. He has worked with cinema and animation since 2007, having directed and produced films that traveled to festivals throughout Brazil. He is currently assistant director at Mandra Filmes, a production company that has been supplying the Brazilian market with educational and entertaining animations. She teaches audiovisual and animation for children and teenagers, in addition to being a video editor.




André has worked as a lawyer in the area of Intellectual Property since the beginning of his career. With almost 15 years of experience, he became closer to the arts through DNRF, providing dedicated service to some of the largest theaters and museums in Brazil. Currently, he works as coordinator of the Clearance area at DNRF, leading the analysis of Copyright and Personality Rights in audiovisual projects. He has been a professor and speaker, and has a master's degree in Economic Law.



Founding partner and Head of Interactive at the production company Broders Interactive and CEO of Edtech Lablab, with more than ten (10) years of experience working in the audiovisual industry with communication, games, education and technology. Pedroza has a bachelor's degree with honors in Computer Animation from Full Sail University, a Business Administrator from UFG, an MBA in Software Engineering from FIAP and a specialist in Game Design from CalArts. Focused on the B2B market, Bruno worked on projects for Ford, Iveco, TikTok, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Saint-Gobain, among others. An active participant in the immersive media industry, Bruno was a board member and founding associate of XRBR (Brazilian Association of Extended Reality), member-director of operations at XR Inclusion (a global entity that defends diversity and inclusion practices in the XR industry) and was the first Brazilian with his company listed as Oculus ISV (independent software vendor) in the "Facebook" Meta program to meet B2B demands in virtual reality. Its portfolio includes dozens of hours of content in authorial and B2B XR, developed and launched for more than 15 countries in 10 languages ​​with international recognition. He currently divides his time between managing B2B technology projects involving education and innovation and developing Lablab's proprietary immersive education platform, scheduled for launch in 2024.



Fernando Gutiérrez has a PhD in Arts from UnB, with research focused on voice, performance, animation and the independent scene. Director has several short films such as "O Mascate", "José", among others. He directed and produced the feature film "O Sonho de Clarice", the first animated feature film made in the Federal District.



Paulo Muppet is a self-taught animator and founding partner of the Birdo studio, alongside his friend (also an animator) Luciana Eguti. In 2016, Birdo received worldwide acclaim for its work with the Mascots of the Rio 2016 Games and is currently among the main animation studios in Latin America with series produced for Disney, Netflix, WBD, Nickelodeon and Gloob, among others. Paulo serves as executive and development producer at the studio. He is also a storyboard and animation teacher in São Paulo.



The Magician MC of ABRAKBÇA is Renan Inquérito, composer, poet and teacher, Master (without) Ceremonies from UNICAMP and Doctor in “Educação Ostentação” from UNESP and the University of Coimbra (Portugal). A RAPeiro and SARAUzeiro, who uses music and literature as a tool for transformation and social interference. He has been active in Hip-Hop culture since 1997, when he founded the rap group INQUÉRITO, with which he produced 9 albums, dozens of songs, music videos and hundreds of shows. In addition to the stages, it tours schools and units of EJA, CRAS, CREAS and Fundação CASA, holding soirées, shows, debates and workshops.



Rogerio Sobreira is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. Due to his multidisciplinary training, with a master's degree in composition from the Federal University of Goiás, his approach to musical scoring is strongly based on the perception and influence of different areas of performing arts production. Works mainly with original music for films and series Some of his notable works are: the Cuban feature film "El Último País" (2017), which had its world premiere at the Malaga Film Festival in Spain. Under the musical direction of Fabio Góes, he co-composed the soundtrack for the film “Wife for Rent” (2022), the film “An Unforgettable Year: Winter” (2023). In addition to orchestration work and additional music in the films “Turma da Mônica Laços” (2019), Turma da Mônica Lições (2021) and Turma da Mônica - Série (2022).



Vinícius Guerra da Silveira (Vinispace) is a music producer, arranger and instrumentalist for Mundo Bita. Graduated in Music, with extension courses in arranging, recording techniques, music publishing and functional harmony from UFPE, he taught music in some schools in Recife in parallel with his activity as a studio musician and a live musician in the Recife nightlife, mainly playing the guitar. and double bass. Currently, he continues to contribute to other artists in the city while keeping Mundo Bita's musical creativity at full steam, performing from the first song to the present day.



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