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Camila Nunes, from Bahia, has a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the State University of Goiás, and is the director of the Lanterna Mágica International Animation Festival. He has worked in production since 2013. He did his first production direction, when he was still studying, and since then he has worked in the area mixing audiovisual productions of shorts, series and features, as well as film festivals. His last works were for Petrobrás Cultural; Multishow and Netflix.





Wadih Elkadi has been Executive Producer at Baloo Filmes since its founding in 2017. He began his work in the audiovisual area, organizing more than 40 Japanese animation shows between 2002 and 2010. He is producer of BIS - Bienal Internacional de Cinema Sound. As director, he released his first feature-length documentary in 2018, In the country of football on ESPN. He is a producer, director and screenwriter, his latest productions were: the feature films, Taego Ãwa, The Last Country and A Grande Departure, the short films, No Escuro, Areião and Leave the door open when leaving and the documentary television film Raízes.





Producer with a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the State University of Goiás. She began working in audiovisual at festivals and films while still at college. Having worked as a Producer and in other roles related to production in films, series, TV shows, reality shows, market events and advertising. He was the Production Director of the Goiânia International Film Festival - GIFF and currently performs the same role at the Lanterna Mágica International Animation Festival.




Barbara Santana is a cultural producer with a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the State University of Goiás. With a diverse career, she has contributed to the production of feature films, short films, series and music videos. Furthermore, he has extensive experience collaborating in several film festivals.





Producer and Screenwriter, based in central Brazil. He joined Audiovisual to create narratives. He is currently developing narratives centered on women, such as his first documentary feature Piedade for this land that withholds love from me and Solina, a film written and directed by Larissa Fernandes. She is the coordinator of Mercado SAPI, where she created the CORA Award, which aims to develop projects carried out by women from the mid-west. As a producer, she made five feature films: The documentary Paulistas (2017) and the fictions: Alaska (2019), Hotel Mundial (2019), Oeste Outra Vez (in completion) and Vento Seco (2020), which had its premiere at the 70th Festival from Berlin.




Graduated in Stage Production from UEG, she has worked in the cultural sector for 18 years, especially in coordination, production and logistics roles. He performed at several festivals, such as PirenópolisDoc – Brazilian Documentary Festival (GO), Goyaz Festival – Instrumental Music Exhibition (GO), OUVE Festival – music to see and hear (GO), Brasileirado – occupation of Brazilian culture, Sessão Sonora (CE ) and others. She was manager of Instituto Brincante (SP) for 2 years. He went on tours with several artists through projects sponsored by Petrobrás, CAIXA Cultural, SESC SP and SESI SP.




Press officer specializing in the cultural area, especially cinema, TV and the arts. Managing partner of the company ProCultura – Assessoria de Imprensa, created in 1985. Born in São Paulo in 1965, she completed her journalism course and soon began working in various sectors. For 15 years, he headed the press office of CineSesc and several Brazilian films in the filming stages until commercial release. Advisor to Canal Brasil, Multishow and HBO. It also operates in the area of events and festivals, including Cine Ceará, Traffic – Festival of Cinema and Asian Culture, Mostra Cinema and Human Rights in Latin America, Lume International Film Festival, Mostra de Cinema de Gostoso, Mostra Internacional de SP, Aruanda Festival, INDIE – International Festival, among others.




Press advisor specialized in the B2B area, but also active in the cultural area, especially cinema, literature, arts and TV. Managing partner of the company ProCultura – Assessoria de Imprensa, created in 1985. Born in São Paulo in 1963, she began studying Communication at Anhembi Morumbi-SP. For 10 years he was in charge of the press office of ABDL (Brazilian Book Diffusion Association); CBL (Brazilian Book Chamber); HSM – Management and Business; Rodrigues Silva Advogados; Canal Brasil; Multishow; HBO; Authors of books such as Ruth Rocha; Rosalvi Monteagudo; Heloisa Shurmann; Professor Luís Marins and also musicals such as Cartola and O Reizinho Mandão. It also operates in the area of events and festivals, including Cine Ceará, Traffic – Asian Film and Culture Festival, Cinema and Human Rights in Latin America Exhibition, Lume International Film Festival. In the tourism segment, partnership in the promotion of Planet Franchising, Wet´n Wild, Top Tourist Destinos Award, among others.





Fernanda Garcia, 30 years old, was born in Goiânia, has a degree in Journalism from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) and a postgraduate degree in Communication and Marketing from the Anhembi Morumbi University (UAM). Currently, she is part of the creative team at Colletivo Design, in São Paulo, working as a writer and campaign strategist. She is also a press and communications advisor at Gaya Comunicaçãoa



Luisa Guimarães is a culture journalist, with a bachelor's degree in Social Communication from the Faculty of Information and Communication at UFG. She worked as a communications and press advisor in several events and projects in the areas of culture, music, entertainment, cinema and audiovisual in Goiás, such as the 23rd Meeting of Traditional Cultures of Chapada dos Veadeiros, BIS - Bienal Internacional de Cinema Sonoro, SAPI - Mercado Central-West Audiovisual, Icumam Lab, F+E - Training of Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, Pirenópolis.Doc - Documentary Festival. Coordinated making of teams for events, such as Bizzart - Cinema, Music and Games and the 22nd Vaca Amarela Festival. In 2022, he was part of the press jury that awarded the José Petrillo prize for best film at the Washington Novaes Show, at the International Environmental Film and Video Festival (Fica). He has been part of the team at Lanterna Mágica - International Animation Festival since the first edition, in 2017.





A graphic designer by training, he has held all positions, from production to direction, which increased his passion for cinema and photography even further, in which he began his work in audio visual on the TV series "Barco Sagres" where he acquired a lot of knowledge in the technical parts of a set, allowing you to improve your knowledge to become an art director working on series, films and advertising.





Minas Gerais since 1980, Goiás since 92. Daniela Fiuza has a degree in Design and a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts: Culture and Creation. He has been working with different aspects of visual expressions in the Brazilian mid-west region for some years. He has already carried out work in the areas of scenography, ephemeral settings, sustainable design, integral design and graphic production. She was the creator of Hábil Produção, an art and design production bureau, where she worked as a designer and cultural producer since 2007 in the city of Goiânia - GO. She is currently a partner at the Macaco Hábil Curiosities Cabinet, where she is also responsible for the production company's Design Division; the Skillful Monkey Breeding.




Publicist, strategist and content creator. Telling stories, entertaining, engaging and promoting brands with strategy is her goal. Neluma Magalhães has been behind all our digital content, informing and promoting our programming!





Victor, 22 years old, from Goiás, is a student on the Cinema and Audiovisual course at the State University of Goiás. During his academic journey to date, he has acquired practical experience in communication and content production for social networks by interning at a local media outlet. He is currently an intern at the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation, where he collaborates to promote strategic and innovative communication. Recently, he was a monitor as Communication Assistant at the PirenópolisDoc festival.



Wertem Nunes Faleiro has a master's degree in Cultural Performances from the Federal University of Goiás, and a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts from Faculdade SENAC. Screenwriter and director of the series Visto para Amar, the short documentary "Gigantes de Palmas" and the feature-length fiction film "Palmas eu Gosto de tu".

He also works as an assistant director and sound technician in several TV and film productions. He served as exhibition and traffic coordinator at the Goiânia International Film Festival 2023. He was a jury at the SESC Parati Film Festival in 2019 and a member of the Young Jury at the International Environmental Film Festival - Fica 2018.





Designer, professor at PUC Goiás, photographer and art educator; makes art as a method of teaching and artistic guidance, produces to awaken new perspectives and train new artists. In addition to developing work in different languages, he is a cultural agent with a prominent presence in Goiânia. Content manager at Casa Arte Plena.



Antônio H. Queiroz is the founder of Setup Filmes and has worked in the audiovisual sector since 2011. His experience covers areas such as photography direction, production and color treatment and film finishing. Among his notable works, his participation in projects such as the series "Sal a Gosto", the feature film "A Última Imagem" and "MR Leather" stands out. With a diverse career, Antônio collaborated with different directors and teams, consolidating his position in the audiovisual scene of Goiás. He also taught workshops and courses on photography direction and color treatment.





Graduated in Audiovisual and Cinema from the State University of Goiás (UEG), Mayara is a photographer and audiovisualist. Its activities range from covering academic and corporate events, artistic installations, theatrical shows, to making of events, musical performances, parties and festivals. With a wide range of collaborations, she accumulates work in institutions and spaces such as UN Women, Fundação Roberto Marinho, Encontro SOCINE, Goiânia Mostra Curtas, Diasporicas, SAPI, PiriDoc and many others.

In the audiovisual world, she worked as a still photographer for film productions, photography assistant, logger, second camera, assistant director on the film “Still Yesterday”, by Rafael Almeida. In addition, she directed the music video “Boca”, by the duo Manaié, and acted as a filmmaker in the visual arts projects “Feministrampos” and in the short film “Ode aos Corpos Reales”. Her CV includes directing and writing the documentaries “Empreentecer – Mulheres Negras Empreendedoras” and “Escola África”, produced by Canal Futura.





Adriana Parada (Coletivo Koskatl) Cultural producer, designer and multimedia content writer, works with animation and creation of vignettes for social media and UX Writer content.




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